Virtual Enhancement Series for Semester October 2020

IPSis Enhancement Skills Seminar

As part of our training programme for postgraduate research students, the Institute of Graduate Studies also organizes IPSis Enhancement Skills Seminar. The aim of this seminar series is to assist postgraduate research students to gain a clear understanding of the thesis writing process and develop essential skills and strategies for writing a good thesis. This seminar series is NOT COMPULSORY, but we highly encourage postgraduate research students to participate.

Steps to access IPSis Enhancement Skills Series seminar:

1. Log on to and click "Sign In"
2. Sign in with your Google Account
3. Look for the + sign at the top right corner of the page
4. Click the + sign and choose "Join class”
5. Enter the Class Code and click "Join"
6. Finally, you will see the IPSis Enhancement Skills Seminar attached to the main page of the Google Classroom.