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Actions to be taken by Student

    1. Prepare six (6) copies of research proposal and send to Faculty Head of Postgraduate Studies.
    2. Research proposal must be screened for plagiarism using Turnitin software.  The similarity index must be less than 30%. The proposal must be attached with the Attendance Confirmation Form and the Turnitin Originality Report with both endorsed by the Main Supervisor. You are also required to attached a copy of the IGS Research Skills Certificate or the exemption letter.
    3. Research proposal and all required documents must be submitted to the Faculty two (2) weeks before the DRP.
    4. Attached is the Research Proposal format for your attention.
    1. Students are given 30-40 (PhD) and 15-20 (MSc) minutes to present and answer questions from Panel of Assessors.
    2. Please make five (5) copies of PowerPoint handouts (refer attachment) for Panel of Assessors during the defence session.
    3. The PowerPoint presentation will be a brief summary of the complete Research Proposal sent earlier to the Faculty.
    4. Please bring the original copy of the IGS Research Skills Certificate or the exemption letter on the DRP registration day. Students without the certificate or letter will not be allowed to defend their proposal.
    5. Complete student information on the DRP Assessment Form (four (4) copies) to be submitted to the DRP secretariat.
    1. Defence of Research Proposal Schedule
    2. Attendance Confirmation Form
    3. Format of Contents of Research Proposal
    4. Format of Title Page
    5. Format of PowerPoint for Presentation
    6. DRP Assessment Form
    7. DRP Correction Verification Form