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Module for Science & Technology

These modules are compulsory for all new registered research candidates. Certificate of attendance will be given to those complete all modules. Only students with this certificate will be allowed to proceed to Defence of Proposal


Module 1: Starting your PhD
This module is aimed at PhD students in the early stages of their research degrees. It will present an overview of PhD and discuss some of the key factors in successfully starting the research. Some advice on planning, organising your research and time management will be included. Identification of issues and/or problem of research will also be disussed.

Module 2: Working with your Supervisor
Supervisor will be one of the most important person for a PhD candidate. This module will discuss the role and type of supervisor. Supervisee and supervisor expectations will be explored and interactive activities will be carried out.

Module 3: Writing the Literature Review
This module will discuss on what makes a good literature review and focus on defining the scope of the review and preparing to write the review, organising and structuring the material, and writing drafts of the review. The session will be interactive. Sample materials will be critiqued

Module 4: Developing Critical Reading Skills
Ability to read critically is essential skills for Phd candidates since it demonstrates a higher level of thinking. This seminar will assists students to advance beyond simply summarising texts, Identify links between authors and critique the authors

Module 5: Identifying the Research Question
The module will guide the participants in identifying and selecting the problem

Module 6: Introduction to Research Methods
The focus of this module is to introduce basic concepts of research. It will also discuss the type of research methods and their examples.

Module 7: Writing the Research Proposal
Participants will be introduced to the structure of research proposal. The module will also PhD students in the development and preparation of a research proposal.

Module 8: Searching the Literature
The aim of this module is to introduce PhD students to the methods employed in carrying out a literature search through bibliographic databases, subject gateways, search engines or other internet.