1. When is the newspaper advertisement for postgraduate intake?
    March intake: October / November
    September intake: February / March

  2. How many postgraduate student intake  per year?
    Programmes by Coursework: Twice a year (September & March)
    Programmes by Research: Throughout the year

  3. I received an offer to pursue my study in UiTM. However due to unforeseen circumstances, I could not register on the registration date. What should I do?
    You can defer your study by filling up the deferment form http://ipsis.uitm.edu.my/v2/images/forms/coursework/defer.pdf before the registration date as stated in the offer letter.

  4. How long can I defer my registration?
    The deferment is valid for only one semester and you are required to register the following semester.

  5. If I am not able to register in the following semester, what should I do?
    The offer letter is no longer valid. You are required to reapply.

  6. What is a conditional offer?
    A conditional offer is given to applicants who are in either one of the conditions:
    • Incomplete application
    • Still in final semester undergraduate during application

  7. What should I do if I receive a conditional offer?
    • Contact Faculty and inquire about the missing documents. A full offer letter will be issued by the faculty if all the required documents are supplied.
    • For final semester undergraduate students final results should be provided to the faculty within 7 days after the results are announced. A full offer letter will be issued by the faculty if all requirements fulfilled.

  8. What are the modes of postgraduate studies availabe in UiTM?
    • Master’s Degree : research, mixed-mode, coursework (available in full time & part time)
    • Doctoral Degree: coursework (DBA) and research mode (available in full  time & part time)

  9. What is the duration of my study?
    1. The duration of study depends on the programme and the mode of study. The general duration of study is as follows:
      1. Master’s Degree by Research
        • Full time (min: 3 semesters, max: 6 semesters)
        • Part time (min: 4 semesters, max: 8 semesters)
      2. Master’s Degree by Coursework
        • Full time (min: 2  semesters, max: 5 semesters)
        • Part time (min: 2  semesters; max: 8 semesters)
      3. Doctoral Degree by Research & Coursework
        • Full time (min: 6 semesters, max: 10 semesters)
        • Part time (min: 6 semesters, max: 12 semesters)

  10. What are the entry requirements for the postgraduate programmes in UiTM?
    Please refer to the website: http:///www.ipsis.uitm.edu.my.

  11. How should I apply into postgraduate programme?
    Application can be made via online. Please visit IPSis website http:///www.ipsis.uitm.edu.my to apply. 

  12. What are the programmes offered in UiTM ?
    Please visit IPSis website at http:///www.ipsis.uitm.edu.my.

  13. Can I change my mode of study from  full time to part time or vice-versa?
    Yes, you can. Download ‘Change of Mode’ form from IPSis website and follow the instructions. Please check IPSis academic calendar for the deadline.

  14. What are the differences between master’s degree by research and master’s degree by coursework?
    1. Research programme: There is no formal lecture. It relies on independent study with supervision from supervisor(s).
    2. Coursework programme: It follows a structured series of prescribed courses over a designated number of semesters through lectures and various methods of teaching. Assessment varies as determined by the faculty. Most programmes have a dissertation or independent studies during the final semester.

  15. When is the registration date?
    Please refer to announcement in IPSis website

  16. When does the semester begin?
    Please refer to IPSis academic calendar.

  17. If my application is unsuccessful, can I appeal?
    1. When can I appeal?
      Appeal can be done within the dates stated in IPSis academic calendar.
    2. Do I need to buy BSN pin number?
    3. How to appeal?
      The link will be provided. Please be alert and check IPSis website.
    4. Can I apply for a different programme?
    5. How many times can I appeal?
      The appeal is allowed only once for that particular semester.

  18. Who can appeal?
    Only applicants who did not get the offer letter for the first intake can appeal. Those who did not apply for the first intake are not eligible to appeal. Unsuccessful second intake candidates are not allowed to appeal.