"I would like to thank Faculty of Accountancy and especially to Dr Suhaily Hassan for:

  • All the useful workshops and programs for enhancing the candidate’s abilities in different areas such as analysing data, using various softwares, academic writing skills and etc.
  • All the support from the candidates. During the PhD time, Dr Suhaily has been behaving like an elder sister for all the candidates. It was great to me, observing that she is trying her best to fight for us against every possible obstacle ahead. We were welcomed at any time to see her, talk to her, share our problems with her and. This has made us feel not alone since we knew that there is always someone who cares about what we are doing.
  • I also would like to thank Faculty of Accountancy for all the facilities provided. Very good conditions for studying including very good PhD room, computers and so on."


Soheil Kazemian
Faculty of Accountancy