Guideline for Defence of Research Proposal



Actions to be taken by Student for the Defence of Research Proposal (DRP)



  1. Prepare the research proposal and always consult with your supervisors.
  2. Research proposal must be screened for plagiarism using Similarity Checker software (Turnitin/ Ouriginal/ iThenticate).  The similarity index must be less than 30%. The proposal must be attached with the Attendance Confirmation Form and the Turnitin Originality Report with both endorsed by the Main Supervisor. You are required to do the submission by using the UPTrackS System.
  3. Research proposal will be examined by at least two (2) DRP panels that will be appointed by the faculty. The students will be called to defend their research proposal according to the schedule set up by the faculty.



  1. Prepare the slide presentation of research proposal and the students are allowed to present the research proposal about 15 to 25 minutes.
  2. The presentation can be online of physical presentation.



  1. The students will receive the DRP result after the moderation between the Chairperson and the panels.
  2. The official result will be given after the JKAPS has endorsed.
  3. The students have to do the corrections and submit the amended proposal within the stipulated time.


Contents of Research Proposal

Research proposal is a written statement of the research design that includes a statement explaining the objective of the study and a detailed, systematic outline of a particular research methodology. Normally, the research proposal for a Master/PhD degree includes the following key elements:

  • Basic Chapter Content
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Literature Review
  • Chapter 3 – Research Methodology
  • References
  • Study plan/Gantt chart
  • List of references


Notes for students:

  1. The suitable length of research proposal is different from one field to another. Please refer to your supervisor.
  2. Please refer to the documents for the details of the research proposal layout.


Format for PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Full Title of the Research
  2. Background of the Problem / Study
  3. Problem Statement / Problem Identification
  4. Research Objective / Research Questions
  5. Scope and Limitation of the Study
  6. Significance of Study
  7. Literature Review
  8. Conceptual Framework (if Applicable)
  9. Research Methodology / Research Design / Sampling / Data Collection / Plan for Data Analysis
  10. Study Plan / Gantt Chart


*please refer to the DRP Guideline


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