UiTM Postgraduate Assistance (UPTA)

UiTM Postgraduate Assistance (UPTA)







  • UiTM Postgraduate Teaching Assistant with the short name 'UPTA' was created to replace the Graduate Service Scheme (Skim Khidmat Siswazah – SKS) and Postgraduate Fellowship Scheme.
  • Financial assistance for postgraduate level study (Masters and PhD).
  • Provide opportunities for postgraduate students to develop scholarship through the development of professional skills with working experience as a teaching assistant.



  • A Malaysian-citizenship postgraduate students of UiTM.
  • Pursuing full-time Masters or PhD degree, either by course work or research mode.
  • Does not receive any financial assistance or scholarship except than MyMaster.
  • Have a recognized Bachelor's Degree with a GPA of 3.00 for the Masters program by coursework, while the minimum qualifications for graduate programs by research and doctoral program is dependent on decisions made in meetings of the Faculty’s Academic Board.
  • Meet the selection criteria set by each faculty in which graduates will be placed



  • UPTA task generally is to assist and support a course in accordance with the plan education set by the faculty/course coordinator.
  • The scope of work of UPTA is focused on teaching only.
  • A UPTA will act as a tutor/demonstrator in conducting practical classes/tutorials/studio/laboratory under the supervision of a lecturer who will be identified by the faculty.
  • UPTA workload does not exceed 6 hours per week.
  • Differences in the level of eligible courses run by UPTA is in accordance with their education level as follows:
    • Masters student is eligible to conduct courses for Degree or Diploma.
    • PhD student is eligible to conduct courses for the Degree of Master or Bachelor.



  • UPTA will be paid an allowance at the rate of RM25.00 per hour.
  • UPTA is required to pay tuition fees.
  • UPTA has the opportunity to receive IPSis conference funding support subject to processes and procedures.



  • The duration of appointment of UPTA at a time is for 14 weeks (lecture week) per semester.
  • UPTA may be reappointed in the following semester as long as it is not more than the minimum period of study and fulfilling the re-appointment criteria.



  • For re-appointment, applicant must have a CGPA of 3.3 or above for the course work program, or the status of In-Progress (SM) for the research program.
  • Applicant is recommended by the Faculty and he/she is still committed to the scheme UPTA and this
  • For UPTA who are in research program, in addition to condition (i) above, for the third appointment (Master and Doctorate) and the fifth appointment (PhD) in the minimum study period, the applicant shall have at least one (1) research paper accepted to be presented in the refereed either international or local seminar/conference.



  • UPTA scheme application can be made online via the website
  • Selection of students for a UPTA scheme will be made by the Faculty and the offer letter will be issued by IPSis.




Please take note that students can apply for UPTA starting from 11 September 2023 (Monday) to 01 October 2023 (Sunday) 11.59pm.


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